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Our Beyond Binary coaches are some of the world’s leading thinkers and commentators on a range of digital topics, including but not limited to data, automation and algorithms; machine learning, deep learning and artificial intelligence (AI); robotics and robotic process automation (RPA); decentralisation, blockchain, cryptocurrencies and NFTs; Internet of Things (IoT); and nanotechnology, biotechnology and the future of computing.

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Coach profile: Adam Pantanowitz

Area(s) of specialisation: AI | Cloud | Cybersecurity | Blockchain | Cryptocurrency Bio: Adam Pantanowitz is a fanatical technologist, who ...
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Bronwyn Williams

Coach profile: Bronwyn Williams

Area(s) of specialisation: AI | Blockchain | Cryptocurrency Bio: Bronwyn is a futurist, economist and business trends analyst with over ...
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Dale Imerman

Coach profile: Dale Imerman

Area(s) of specialisation: Augmented and Virtual Reality | Artificial Intelligence Bio: Dale Imerman is a technology professional, corporate educator and ...
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Lerato Semenya

Coach profile: Lerato Semenya

Area(s) of specialisation: Big data | AI | Digital transformation Bio: Managing director of Chromatic consulting, diversity and inclusion specialist, ...
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Mike headshot

Coach profile: Mike Stopforth

Area(s) of specialisation: Digital Transformation Bio: An entrepreneur, author, global speaker, and a disruption and innovation advisor on a number ...
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Coach profile: Rapelang Rabana

Area(s) of specialisation: Data | Augmented and Virtual Reality | IoT | Digital Transformation Bio: An internationally renowned technology entrepreneur, ...
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Simon Dingle

Coach profile: Simon Dingle

Area(s) of specialisation: Blockchain | Cryptocurrency Bio: Simon is a fintech entrepreneur, broadcaster, designer, product manager, and author of 'In ...
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