Mike Stopforth Adapt to Survive

Business equals people plus technology

How can leaders respond in a time of unprecedented complexity and unpredictability? More than ever before, organisations must weather multiple disruptive forces to survive and thrive. Technology and talent are colliding in ways that make them impossible to navigate separately. Beyond Binary is your partner in developing leadership skills and strategies for uncharted territory.

“The real problem is not whether machines think but whether people do."

B. F. Skinner

In his book, What Technology Wants, Kevin Kelly claims that “we are co-evolving with our technology, and so we have become deeply dependent on it. If all technology – every last knife and spear – were to be removed from this planet, our species would not last more than a few months. We are now symbiotic with technology.”

Every day we invent, create, and connect technologies in the hope of doing more, faster, and cheaper. Technology in turn changes, amplifies and enhances the way we invent, create and connect. We can’t make sense of technological progress in isolation, and we can’t think critically about how humanity and society are evolving without considering technology. The combined advancement of both has mammoth implications for, and impacts on, people, planet and of course, profit.

This reality presents organisations like yours with an unprecedented
challenge. Coupled with that challenge is an extraordinary opportunity
for proactive and conscious leadership to transform the way we work,
and the impact we have on the world around us. 

Beyond Binary works with its clients to unpack both technological disruption (digital transformation) and people enablement (cultural transformation) to position themselves for success and sustainability. 

We do this work in the form of keynote presentations, workshops and facilitation, and consulting.

Our Services



Hard-hitting, informative and entertaining talks for your next conference or event.



Practical, in-depth sessions designed to enable learning, collaboration and long-lasting strategic outcomes.



Need an objective, experienced and balanced take on your project or team? We can help.



Long-term bespoke interventions geared towards measurable and sustainable success.


Beyond Binary works with its clients to unpack the impacts of the Fourth Industrial Revolution on their businesses by plotting their journey in terms of five distinct categories: Digital DenialismDigital Enhancement, Digital TransformationDigital Speculation, and Digital Disruption.